Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameStephane George 'Etienne' (George) Zarifi, G Grandson
Birth27 Sep 1863, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death1 Jan 1894, Monte Carlo, Monaco
MemoOr Cannes. Simeonoglou says 1892.
BurialMarseille, France
Note 1Because he was born when his mother was almost fifty, he was raised separately by a tutor, in a suite of gloomy rooms off the Grande Rue de Pera.
Note 2His nephew George L Zarifi says that it was this harsh upbringing that accounted for his later ‘trelles’ (eccentric behaviour). He is recorded on the Zarifi family tomb in Marseilles.
Flags***, Kaplanoglou, Zafiropoulo, Zarifi
FatherGeorge (Ioannis) Zarifi (1807-1884)
SpouseMarika Anagnostaki
Note 1She may have been descended from the Nicolopoulos family.
Birth30 May 1891, Marseille, France
Death8 Dec 1979, Marseille, France
Marriage23 Jul 1914, Marseille, France
ChildrenFanny (Leonidas) (1915-2013)
 Pandely (Leonidas) (1918-1994)
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