Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameLeonidas (George) Zarifi, G Grandson
Birth16 Dec 1840, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
MemoSturdza says 1839.
Death1 Mar 1923, Kiphissia, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
MemoAnother source says died 1929.
ResidenceTherapia, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
OccupationBanker, Constantinople.
Note 1A 1910 sketch by Hassan shows a Leonidas and George Zarifi, Count Ostrorog, etc.
Note 2Portraits of a Leonidas Zarifi appear among the 8 albums of cartes de visite dating from 1860 -1861 by the diplomat turned photographer Camille Silvy in the National Portrait Gallery.
Note 3Bought a number of properties mostly on Princes Islands in the Bosphorus including an orphanage. He and his family wintered in mansions in Tepebasi and spent the summer on the Bosphorus.
Note 4His house at Therapia was sold by his sons in 1935. It was occupied by the American diplomat Morgenthau (married to a Ralli) during WWI, when Leonidas and Euphrosyne took refuge in Switzerland (cf. Henry Morgenthau, 'Secrets of the Bosphorus').
Note 5On 30 June 1886 Zarifi Brother & Co (London) was dissolved (partners were: S. Zafiropulo. P. Simiriotti. N. Zarifi. Michael Zarifi. P. G. Zarifi. J. M. Zarifi. L. G. Zarifi. Theodore M. Zarifi)
Flags***, Kaplanoglou, Zafiropoulo, Zarifi
FatherGeorge (Ioannis) Zarifi (1807-1884)
Marriage20 Sep 1879, Prinkipos, Sea of Marmara
SpouseEuphrosyne 'Phrosso' (George) Nicolopoulo
Birth1856, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
MemoOr 1857 according George Zarifi memoirs
Death14 Nov 1933, Lausanne, Switzerland
MemoAnother source says 1943.
Note 1She was god-mother in London, 1889, to Helen Nicolopoulos, b. 1884, daughter of Athanasios, merchant of Constantinople, & Anna.
Flags***, Giustiniani Pi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Ralli (Chaviara), Vouro
FatherGeorge (Athanasios) Nicolopoulo (?-?)
MotherAthena (Ioannis) Psomiadis (?-?)
Birth13 Jan 1880
MemoOther source says 1881 and 1883. Sturdza says 1879.
Death6 Jul 1943, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseLili (Stamatios) Krinos (1887-1975)
ChildrenHélène (Georges) (1920-1997)
2 FHélène (Leonidas) Zarifi, GG Granddaughter
Birth10 Jun 1882, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death15 Apr 1976, Lausanne, Switzerland
Marriage1905, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
ChildrenMarie 'Mimi' (Stephanos) (1906-1992)
Birth31 Oct 1884
Death18 Jul 1963, 108 Queen Sophia Avenue, Athens, Greece
BirthFeb 1886, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
MemoOr perhaps 1885.
Death24 Jun 1971, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage1917, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
MemoAnother source says 1892.
Death13 Apr 1979, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseEleni 'Lena' Stathatos (1900-1991)
ChildrenNora (Constantine) (1920-?)
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