NameMajor Alexis Theodore (Theodore) Casdagli RAOC, 8G Grandson
Birth10 Apr 1906, Kersal Hill, Kersal, Salford, Manchester, England
Deathca 1987, Islington, London, England
Death MemoA source says 1 Dec 1987. The death of Alexis Theodore Casdagli, b. 10 Apr 1906, was registered Dec 1996 at Islington, London, reg A32, dist 2381A, entry 79.
OccupationBusiness in Manchester and later Egypt. Plastics manufacturer, retired 1965.
EducationHarrow School (1920-25, Monitor, football XI 1924, association XI 1924-5).
Note 1Amateur Squash Rackets Chamption, Egypt 1937. In WW2 served as a Major, R.A.O.C.; Crete 1941, taken prisoner 1941, mentioned twice in dispatches. Vice-consul at Volos 1947. Gold Cross, Order of the Phoenix (Greece).
Note 2A member of the group of prisoners of war who were notoriously force marched to Salonika in extreme heat via the Vrailos Pass.
Note 3Held prisoner at Oflag X C (Lübeck) sharing a cell with the Cretan General Solon Kaffatos, a distinguished veteran of WWl (Companion of the Order of the Bath from Field Marshall Lord Milne, French CdG, Serbian CdG, Greek Military Medla twice).
Note 4This Greek general provided wool from his pullover with which Casdagli stitched his noticed his notorious sampler incorporating the words ‘Fuck Hitler’ which the Germans never noticed.
Note 5Casdagli improved his Greek thanks to the general, enabling to interpret for Greek POWs arriving at the camp. For these and other services to Greece he was awarded the Gold Cross of the Royal Order of the Phoenix in 1947.
Note 5Also held (with the General and sharing small rooms for two) in POW camps at Dössel-Warburg and Spangenberg until the General was sent to Biberach on 6 August 1942.
Marriage1931, London, England
Divorceabt 1946
SpouseJoyce E. Ross Lowe
Birth12 Jun 1932, Manchester, England
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