NameGeorge (Ioannis) Zarifi, Grandson
Birth6 Sep 1807, Megalo Rheuma, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoOther sources say born 1806 or 1810.
Death27 Mar 1884, Pera, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death MemoSturdza says 6 Apr 1884 at Constantinople.
BurialSisli Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Constantinople
ResidencePera and Therapia
OccupationFounder in Constantinople the vast bank and trading house of Zafiropoulo & Zarifi (Z&Z) with his father-in-law Dimitrios Zafiropoulo and brother-in-law Stephanos, with branches in London, Marseille, Danube and Odessa.
EducationTsar Alexander l gave him free entry to the Lycée Richelieu (Lyceum Richelowski), Odessa.
Note 1Returned to Constantinople in 1831 despairing of the chaos in Greece. Entered Dimitrios Zafiropoulo’s cereal trading house, married his daughter and took over as partner. Great benefactor of Greek Communities in Constantinople and Philippoupolis.
Note 2He and Stephanos Zafiropoulo founded Turkey’s most important banking and commercial company which, as Z&Z, extended to Marseilles, London, Odessa and Romania.
Note 3Looked after the Constantinople headquarters for 40 years while Stepanos Zafiropoulo developed the Marseilles branch and Zarifi brothers developed other branches.
Note 4Banker to his friend Prince Abdul Hamid who unexpectedly became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire when his brother went mad. Established the Ottoman Debt Company to relieve himself of the Sultan’s financial demands.
Note 4The Sultan gave him 150,000 acres on the Mesopotamian River in Baghdad and as collateral for loans granted him the customs duties in many Turkish ports. George refused membership of parliament as he would have had to renounce his Greek nationality.
Note 4He was a patron and benefactor on a colossal scale of innumerable Greeks and Greek institutions throughout the Ottoman Empire - his reputation was world-wide and rehearsed in The Globe (16-04-1881) and in his obituary in The New York Herald (1884).
Note 5In 1955 his grave was vandalised by a mob during the anti-Greek Istanbul Pogrom.
Flags***, Kaplanoglou, Zarifi
Marriage1839, Tzoubali, Phanar, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Married Memo1839 is the date suggested by George L Zarifi
SpouseEleni (Dimitrios) Zafiropoulo
Birth7 Jul 1817, Tzoubali, Phanar, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoThe French obituary published in Simeonoglou says she was born 1813. George L Zarifi repeatedly implies she was borin in 1817. Sturdza says 1820.
Death18 May 1910, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death MemoObituary published on 20 May 1910.
BurialSisli Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Constantinople
ResidencePera and Therapia
Note 1She appears in a 1905 photograph with her daughters and daughter-in-law (Akylas Millas ‘E Prinkipos’ Athens 1988). She was astonished to find herself pregnant around the age of 50.
Note 2The Ottoman Sultan gave her a silver bidet and jug with matching bathroom accessories which all fitted into a mahogany case. Eleni never travelled without it and in 1994 it remains in the family!
Note 3Named ‘Mother of the Orphans’ by the Sultan because of the numerous homes she provided for them: e.g. The National Orphanage for Boys, Prinkipos and the Central Girls’ School, Pera.
Note 4“Most of my photos show her old but upright amidst her progeny with a Victorian bonnet on her head... plain of face, tall, slim, impeccably attired, imposing and relaxed. Her husband George remained devoted to her all his life...”
Note 5Her marriage to George Zarifi created a banking dynasty which was completed in the next generation when members of the Vlasto family married Zarifi and or Zafiropoulo descendants.
FatherDimitrios ZAFIROPOULO (~1770-1864)
MotherRalou ‘Rallouka’ (Constantine) Fenerlis ? (~1790-1880)
Birth16 Dec 1840, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSturdza says 1839.
Death1 Mar 1923, Kiphissia, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Death MemoAnother source says died 1929.
Marriage20 Sep 1879, Prinkipos, Sea of Marmara
ChildrenGeorges (Leonidas) (1880-1943)
 Hélène (Leonidas) (1882-1976)
 Stephane (Leonidas) (1886-1971)
Birth27 Mar 1844, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death5 Jul 1927, Marseille, France
Marriage24 Jan 1871, Marseille, France
Married MemoAccording to marriage certificate. Argenti says 24 Jan 1972.
ChildrenGeorges (Pericles) (1871-1910)
 Olga P. (Pericles) (1876-1891)
3 FSophia (George) Zarifi, G Granddaughter
Birth24 Mar 1848, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSimeonoglou says she was born 24 March 1845.
Death7 Jun 1923, Paris, France
Marriage2 Jan 1869, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Married MemoOr 2 Jan 1864 in Constantinople.
ChildrenGeorge (Ulysses) (1871-1945)
 Catherine ‘Catina’ (Ulysses) (1869-1924)
 John (Ulysses) (1874-?)
 Theodore (Ulysses) (1875-1878)
 Eleni (Ulysses) (1881-1953)
Birth26 Nov 1860, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSimeonoglou says she was born 1847.
Death27 Sep 1919, Mayence, France
Death MemoKilled in collision between her car and a tram. Argent says 26 Sep 1919.
Marriage19 Jun 1881, Paris, France
Married MemoArgent says 27 Jun 1882, Paris.
ChildrenConstantin Georges Antoine Demetre ‘Kostia’ (Anton) (1883-1967)
 Stéphane Antoine Démètre Georges (Anton) (1885-1960)
Birth27 Sep 1863, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death1 Jan 1894, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Death MemoOr Cannes. Simeonoglou says 1892.
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