NameStéphane Antoine Démètre Georges (Anton) Vlasto, GGGG Grandson
Birth27 Sep 1885, Rue de Naples, Paris 8e, France
Death26 May 1960, Lausanne, Switzerland
Burial1 Jun 1960, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France
Residence1925, Champs Elysées, Paris, France
Residence1885, Rue de Naples, Paris 8e, France
Note 1Owner of the racehorse Mackwiller. He commissioned ‘Mr. Vlasto's Mackwiller, with Jennings up, at Chantilly’ painted for him by Sir Alfred Munnings ca. 1925. Mackwiller was a bay filly foaled in 1923 by Verwood out of Marveldt.
Note 2In his memoirs Munnings writes in glorious detail of the enthusiasm and knowledge of Vlasto "... a rich Greek who lives in Paris and London", the alluring Mackwiller and the shining character of jockey Jennings.
Note 3“This Vlasto was an enthusiast, with nothing jaded about him! He was also a man of culture, and lived in a swell apartment in the Champs-Elysées, with the Arc de Triomphe in the distance.”
Note 4Nikos Karabelos (in 2014) suggested that he was very likely to have been the author (pseudonym Etienne Labranche) of about 25 pro-Greek articles in ‘Les Temps’ newspaper during the 1912/13 Balkan War...
Note 5...if so and if he also served in the Greek army, he may be one of the men featured in photographs of that time found by Nikos Karabelos.
Note 5He may well be the figure who appears standing alone in elegant civilian clothing with a stick among rocks in the Balkans (c.1912) found by Nikos Karabelas.
Note 5In 2015, historian Nikos Karabelas published a major study of Stephane and Kostia Vlasto: ‘Etienne Labranche & Kostia Vlastos. Two war correspondents of Le Temps in Preveza during 1912-13’.
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