NameTheodore (Paul) Rodocanachi, 7G Grandson
Birth1797, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death1882, Odessa, Ukraine
Note 1(Vlachou) Honoured in Odessa 1832. Was he the founder of Theodore P. Rodocanachi & Co. (St. Petersburg) who with Peter Pandia Rodocanachi + Theodore Mavrogordato & Co. (Odessa), started business as grain merchants dealing with South Russia and Roumania?
Note 2Presumably he is the Rodocanachi who knew Aleksandr Sergeievich Pushkin (1799-1837) in Odessa.
FatherPaul (Emmanuel) Rodocanachi (1749-1801)
Marriage1 Jul 1828, Vienna, Austria
SpouseOriettou 'Arietta’ (Toumazis) Galati, 10G Granddaughter
Birth1806, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death1887, Odessa, Ukraine
Note 1(Sikanon) Honoured in Odessa 1832.
FatherToumazis (Andreas) Galati (1763-1838)
Birth31 May 1834, Odessa, Ukraine
Death26 Jul 1895, Marseille, France
Marriage1854, Odessa, Ukraine
ChildrenMichel (Pandia) (1855-1890)
 Theodore (Pandia) (1856-1934)
 Dimitrios (Pandia) (1864-1865)
 Arghyro (Pandia) (1865-?)
Birth1841, Odessa, Ukraine
Death12 Nov 1899, Paris, France
3 FAriana (Theodore) Rodocanachi, 8G Granddaughter
Birth1842, Odessa, Ukraine
Death4 Feb 1900, Vienna, Austria
SpouseNicolas (Matheos) Mavrogordato , 8G Grandson
Marriage1861, Odessa, Ukraine
ChildrenVera (Nicolas) (1866-1955)
 Mattheos (Nicolas) (1862-1912)
 Theodore (Nicolas) (1863-1879)
4 FMaria (Theodore) Rodocanachi, 8G Granddaughter
Birth21 Nov 1847, Odessa, Ukraine
Death24 Jun 1893, Paris, France
SpouseEmmanuel (Paul) Rodocanachi , 9G Grandson
Marriage15 Jun 1869, Marseille, France
Married MemoAccording to marriage certificate. Another source says married 1859 - improbable.
ChildrenTheodore (Emmanuel) (1875-1927)
 Paul (Emmanuel) (1872-1911)
 Jenny (Emmanuel) (1870-1930)
Birth2 Mar 1843, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
Death23 Dec 1843, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
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