Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NamePetros (Lorenzos) Scaramanga +
Birth1760, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death23 Apr 1822, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1(Makarana) Held hostage and hanged by the Turks, 23 Apr 1822, Chios, The Hellenes. According to Yvonne Sugdury they had nine children, two of whom went to Russia, one died in Tagarog in 1852 and two sons lived in France.
Note 2Michael Agelasto believes that they may have had another son Sarandy (probate 1881) and this genealogy makes that assumption.
FatherLorenzos (Ambrose) Scaramanga (1725-1779)
Marriage1779, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseMimina 'Mina' (Ambrouzis) Ralli, G Granddaughter
Birth1761, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
MemoAnother source says born 1751.
Note 1(Chaviara-Chatta)
Flags***, Argenti, Cantacuzene, Coressi, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Grimaldi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Ralli (Chaviara), Rodocanachi, Vlasto
FatherAmbrouzis (Stephanos) Ralli (1731-1820)
1 MAmbrouzis (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Birth1780, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death8 Dec 1864, Piraeus, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseSmaragda (Pandely) Rodocanachi (1805-1858)
Marriage1822, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenMaria ‘Marigo’ (Ambrouzis) (1823-1901)
 Mimina (Ambrouzis) (1834-1897)
 Zennou (Ambrouzis) (1833-1901)
 Ioannis (Ambrouzis) (1829-1902)
 Petros (Ambrouzis) (1826-1876)
 Despina (Ambrouzis) (1827-?)
 Pandely (Ambrouzis) (1828-1880)
 Emmanuel (Ambrouzis) (1843-?)
 Alexandrine (Ambrouzis) (1843-1885)
2 FMarietta (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Granddaughter
Birth1810, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death16 Nov 1860, Marseille, France
Burial27 Nov 1860, Greek Orthodox Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England
SpousePandia ‘Zeus’ (Stephanos) Ralli , GG Grandson (1793-1865)
Marriage25 Sep 1831, Russian Chapel, 32 Welbeck Street London, England
ChildrenJulia (Pandia) (1832-1870)
 Stephen (Pandia) (1833-1834)
 Peter (Pandia) (1837-1868)
3 MPandia Petros (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Birth7 Jan 1806, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death28 Feb 1875, Nice, France
SpouseArghyro (Nicolas) Argenti , GG Granddaughter (1818-1878)
Marriage14 Aug 1836, Taganrog, Black Sea
ChildrenAndrew (Pandia) (1841-1901)
 Theodora (Pandia) (1845-1924)
 Laurent (Pandia) (1842-1902)
 John (Pandia) (1848-1907)
 Marietta (Pandia) (1851-1925)
 Peter (Pandia) (1837-1907)
 Nicolas (Pandia) (1838-1894)
 Loucas (Pandia) (1840-1911)
 Mina (Pandia) (1844-1870)
 Esmeralda (Pandia) (1849-1916)
 Eustratius (Pandia) (1852-1922)
 Ambrouzios (Pandia) (1854-1917)
 Julia (Pandia) (1861-1926)
Birth14 Apr 1814, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death17 Dec 1867, London, England
Burial23 Dec 1867, Greek Orthodox Cemetery, West Norwood, London, England
SpouseJulia (Eustratius) Ralli , GGG Granddaughter (1826-1910)
Marriage14 May 1846, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
Married MemoHer ‘Greek’ marriage took place in “in her father’s drawing room in Hyde Park Square in 1846”.
ChildrenMimina (Dimitrios) (1847-1875)
 Marigo (Dimitrios) (1849-1851)
 Peter (Dimitrios) (1851-1890)
 Eustratius (Dimitrios) (1854-1890)
5 MEustratius (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Birth1798, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death20 Jul 1852, Taganrog, Black Sea
SpouseDespina (Stamati) Psycha , GGG Granddaughter (1812-1890)
Marriage5 Mar 1829, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenMimina 'Mimika' (Eustratius) (1835-1900)
 Ioannis ‘Jean’ (Eustratius) (1838-1894)
 Pierre (Eustratius) (1830-1857)
 Mina (Eustratius) (1831-1832)
 Stamati (Dimitrios) (1833-1833)
 Stamati (Dimitrios) (1834-1887)
 Luke (Eustratius) (1836-1843)
 Mariora (Eustratius) (1840-1908)
6 MLaurentios (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Death? , Taganrog, Black Sea
7 MLoucas (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Birth1793, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death12 Jul 1861, Marseille, France
8 MPandely (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
9 FEsmeralda (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Granddaughter
Spouse--- Tamvaco (?-?)
10 MLaurentios (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
11 MJean (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Birth9 Mar 1812, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death9 Aug 1880, Paris, France
SpouseArgentine (George) Scaramanga , GGG Granddaughter (1822-1903)
Marriage11 Jan 1842, Vienna, Austria
ChildrenPetros (Jean) (1842-1897)
 Argentine (Jean) (1857-1935)
 Mina (Jean) (1844-1921)
 Viera (Jean) (1846-1917)
 Luc (Jean) (1848-1911)
 Smaragda (Jean) (1850-1901)
 Marietta (Jean) (1855-1921)
 Henrietta (Jean) (1858-?)
12 MSarandy (Petros) Scaramanga, GG Grandson
Birth? , Chios, Greece/Hellenes
MemoAccording to Michael Agelasto.
Death22 Feb 1881, 7 Peldon Marsh Gate, Richmond, Surrey
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