Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameStephanos Ambrouzis (Ambrouzis) Ralli, G Grandson
Death20 Sep 1829, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
OccupationMerchant trader first of Smyrna and then of Constantinople.
Note 1(Chaviara-Chatta) One of the 'great merchant traders of Smyrna'. Said to have been in Constantinople at the time of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo (1815).
Note 2He was the most successful and wealthy of the Rallis until Pandia ‘Zeus’ Ralli’s performance in London.
Flags***, Argenti, Cantacuzene, Coressi, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Grimaldi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Ralli (Chaviara), Rodocanachi, Vlasto
FatherAmbrouzis (Stephanos) Ralli (1731-1820)
SpouseDespina (Ioannis) Omiro
Death7 May 1819, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Note 1Omiro is supposedly derived from 'Homer'.
Flags***, Avierino, Giustiniani Pi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Sevastopoulos, Vouro
FatherIoannis (Paul) Omiro (1726-?)
MotherMarouko (Théodore) Mavrogordato (1745-1830)
Birth20 Jul 1798, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Death8 Feb 1886, Trieste, Italy/Austria
BurialTrieste, Italy/Austria
Marriage17 Sep 1821, Trieste, Italy/Austria
ChildrenDespina (Ambrouzis) (1822-1822)
 Maria (Ambrouzis) (1826-1827)
 Ioannis (Ambrouzis) (1827-1829)
 Aglaia (Ambrouzis) (1832-1839)
Marriage10 Oct 1835, Trieste, Italy/Austria
ChildrenArghyri (Ambrouzis) (1836-1854)
 Stephanos (Ambrouzis) (1838-1856)
 Aspasia (Ambrouzis) (1839-1862)
 Aglaïa (Ambrouzis) (1840-1922)
 George (Ambrouzis) (1841-1859)
 Ioannis (Ambrouzis) (1843-1844)
 Paul (Ambrouzis) (1845-1907)
 Ioannis (Ambrouzis) (1848-1860)
 Cimon (Ambrouzis) (1851-1918)
 Stefano (Ambrouzis) (1859-1933)
2 FAlexandra (Stephanos) Ralli, GG Granddaughter
Birth1801, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death1874, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
ChildrenEustratius (Emmanuel) (1822-1897)
 Dimitrios (Emmanuel) (1820-1887)
 Despina (Emmanuel) (1825-1875)
 Calliope (Emmanuel) (1828-1914)
 Aspasia (Emmanuel) (1832-1909)
 Chariklea (Emmanuel) (1834-1897)
 Stephen (Emmanuel) (1840-1912)
3 FSozonga (Stephanos) Ralli, GG Granddaughter
Birth19 Nov 1804, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
MemoRalli family tree says 1803.
Death1 Feb 1878, Marseille, France
MemoAnother source says d.1878.
SpouseAugustus Stephanos (Stephanos) Ralli , GG Grandson (1792-1878)
Marriage27 Jul 1825, Trieste, Italy/Austria
Married MemoRalli family tree says m.1828.
ChildrenStephen (Augustus) (1829-1902)
 Julia (Augustus) (1830-1922)
Death14 Jul 1827, Trieste, Italy/Austria
MemoRalli family tree says 1824.
5 FCalliope (Stephanos) Ralli, GG Granddaughter
Birth1811, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
MemoRalli family tree says 1810.
Death15 Feb 1895, Marseille, France
MemoArgenti says 16 Feb 1895.
Marriage4 Jul 1830, Trieste, Italy/Austria
Married Memo(See 'Libro D'Oro' 121 page 144)
ChildrenAlexander Anthony (Antony) (1833-1899)
 Jean (Anthony) (1834-?)
 Pantaleon 'Pandely' (Anthony) (1836-1914)
 Ambrose (Anthony) (1837-1897)
 Theodore Anthony (Anthony) (1839-1901)
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