Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NamePandia (Constantine) Ralli, GGG Grandson
Birth13 May 1854, Manchester, England
Death29 Oct 1911, NYC, USA
Baptism25 May 1854, Manchester, England
Note 1(Chaviara-Chatta) Settled in the USA in the1880s. Prominent member of New York society. Founding member in 1895 of the Riverside Yacht Club in Riverside, Connecticut. Member of the New York ‘social register’. Baptised at the home of Stephanos Franghiadi.
God-parentsStephanos Franghiadi.
Flags***, Argenti, Cantacuzene, Coressi, Franghiadi, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Grimaldi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Ralli (Chaviara), Rodocanachi, Schilizzi, Vlasto, Zygomala
Marriage16 Apr 1884, NYC, USA
SpouseDaisy (Charles) Wehle
Birth16 Jun 1859, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
FatherCharles Wehle (?-?)
MotherEmily Arend (?-?)
1 MConstantin (Pandia) Ralli, GGGG Grandson
Birth12 Mar 1885, NYC, USA
SpouseHelen (Jonathan) Dixon (1889-?)
Marriage12 Sep 1914, Allenhurst, New Jersey, USA
ChildrenPandia (Constantin) (1915-1994)
2 MTheodore (Pandia) Ralli, GGGG Grandson
Birth21 Feb 1886, Riverside, Conneticutt, USA
MemoSturdza says 21 Nov 1886.
Death3 May 1929, Nutley, Sussex, England
Marriage5 Jun 1910, Jersey City, USA
ChildrenHazel (Theodore) (1911-?)
3 MVictor (Pandia) Ralli, GGGG Grandson
Birth16 Aug 1889, Riverside, Conneticutt, USA
SpouseMary (William) Scaife (1896-?)
Marriage8 Jun 1927, Sewickley, Pennsilvania, USA
4 FHelen (Pandia) Ralli, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth13 May 1894, NYC, USA
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