NameAugustus Stephanos (Stephanos) Ralli, GG Grandson
Birth10 Jan 1792, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth Memo1797 according to Ralli family tree.
Death18 Apr 1878, Marseille, France
OccupationDirector of Ralli Brothers, London, England.
Note 1(Chaviara-Axeskoufotos) Joined his brother Eustratio and John Ralli at their London firm of Ralli Brothers sometime between 1827 and 1865. Returned to run Ralli Bros in Marseilles in ca. 1827.
Note 2Highly respected in Marseille where he gave great help to the Greek community. Mary Ann Chadwell says he had a country house built near the Prado in Marseilles.
FatherStephanos (Zannis) Ralli (1755-1827)
Marriage27 Jul 1825, Trieste, Italy/Austria
Married MemoRalli family tree says m.1828.
SpouseSozonga (Stephanos) Ralli, GG Granddaughter
Birth19 Nov 1804, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Birth MemoRalli family tree says 1803.
Death1 Feb 1878, Marseille, France
Death MemoAnother source says d.1878.
Note 1(Chaviara-Chatta)
1 MStephen (Augustus) Ralli, GGG Grandson
Birth30 Jan 1829, Marseille, France
Death2 Apr 1902, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Marriage27 Oct 1855, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenAugustus (Stephen) (1856-1872)
 Marietta (Stephen) (1863-1960)
 Stephen (Stephen) (1863-1941)
 Julia (Stephen) (1869-1953)
2 FJulia (Augustus) Ralli, GGG Granddaughter
Birth22 Jul 1830, Marseille, France
Death6 Oct 1922, Paris, France
Marriage8 May 1851, Marseille, France
ChildrenPandely Leonidas (Leonidas) (1853-1911)
 Suzanne (Leonidas) (1855-1891)
 Auguste (Leonidas) (1860-1923)
Birth15 Sep 1832, Marseille, France
Death29 Feb 1884, Paris, France
Death MemoAnother source says she died in Marseilles but this may refer to her burial.
SpousePierre (Emmanuel) Rodocanachi , GGG Grandson
Marriage29 Aug 1853, Marseille, France
Married MemoDate banns published 6 May 1883.
ChildrenEmmanuel (Pierre) (1859-1934)
 Suzanne (Pierre) (1865-1933)
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