NameAlexander (Antonios) Ralli +
Death23 Apr 1822, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1(Pitsis) He was among the 74 island leaders held hostage by the Turks in the Kastro in Chios. Bishop Timothy claims he was killed when he sprang to the defence of Bishop Platon who was being insulted by the Turkish mullah shortly before the hangings.
FatherAntonios (Theodoris) Ralli (1740-1794)
MotherLoula (Alexander) Ralli (1755-1823)
Married MemoAnther source says 1809.
SpousePloumou (Stephanos) Ralli, GG Granddaughter
Birth1790, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoRalli family tree says 1795.
Death10 May 1867, Marseille, France
Death Memo1867 according to Ralli family tree.
Note 1(Chaviara-Axeskoufotos) Her brothers Eustratius and Ioannis were in London and the rest of her family in Marseilles at the time of the Chios Massacres. Ploumou and her husband remained on Chios where he and his brother were killed by the Turks in 1822.
FatherStephanos (Zannis) Ralli (1755-1827)
1 FLoula (Alexander) Ralli, GGG Granddaughter
Birth23 Jun 1808, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoRalli family tree says 1810.
Death23 Dec 1870, Broughton, Lancs, England
Death MemoRalli family tree says 1876.
Marriage30 Oct 1832, Marseille, France
Married MemoRalli family tree says 1830.
ChildrenNicolas (Andreas) (1834-1883)
 Alexander (Andreas) (1835-1855)
 Pandely (Andreas) (1839-1841)
 Etienne (Andreas) (1841-1843)
 Pandely (Andreas) (1842-1844)
 Polymnia (Andreas) (1843-1921)
 Julie (Andreas) (1845-1921)
Birth1 Jan 1812, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death4 Jul 1882, London, England
Marriage23 Jan 1838, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenAlexander (Antonios) (1840-1917)
 George (Antonios) (1841-1862)
 Pandia (Antonios) (1842-1901)
 Polymnia (Antonios) (1844-1922)
Marriage4 Jul 1849, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenFanny (Antonios) (1850-1923)
 Julia (Antonios) (1851-1874)
 Virginia (Antonios) (1853-1858)
 Paul (Antonios) (1856-1931)
 Virginia (Antonios) (1859-1935)
 George (Antonios) (1863-1903)
 Lucas (Antonios) (1870-1871)
 Antonina (Antonios) (1866-1941)
 Lucas (Antonios) (1867-1868)
Birth15 Oct 1813, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death16 Dec 1884, Paris, France
Marriage22 May 1842, Marseille, France
ChildrenDespina (Stephanos) (1852-1935)
 Julia (Stephanos) (1854-1939)
 Polymnia (Stephanos) (1856-1919)
 Georges (Stephanos) (1858-1930)
 Polymnia (Stephanos) (1851-1856)
Birth15 Jan 1816, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death2 Jul 1869, London, England
SpouseSophia (Pandia) Rodocanachi , GGG Granddaughter
Marriage9 Jun 1849, Marseille, France
ChildrenAlexander Pandia (Pandia) (1852-1927)
 Polymnia (Pandia) (1854-1896)
 Pandia (Pandia) (1858-1908)
 Antonio (Pandia) (1859-1899)
 Julia (Pandia) (1864-?)
 Marigo (Pandia) (1856-1866)
 Polymnia (Pandia) (1851-1851)
Birth1817, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoRalli family tree says 1818.
Death18 Jul 1883, Marseille, France
Death MemoAnother source says died 10 Apr 1871 at Chios. Ralli family tree says 18 Jul 1883.
SpouseMimina (Ambrouzis) Scaramanga , GGG Granddaughter
Marriage18 May 1851, Odessa, Ukraine
ChildrenPolymnia (Michalis) (1852-1877)
6 FVierou (Alexander) Ralli, GGG Granddaughter
Birth1821, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death28 Jun 1825, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
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