Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameCharles James (James) Monk MP
Birth30 Nov 1824, Peterborough, Northants, England
Death10 Nov 1900, Bedwell Park, Hatfield, Herts, England
Residence1881, 5 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London, England
Residence1885, Bedwell Park, Hatfield, Herts, England
OccupationJP. DL. Liberal Unionist MP for Gloucester.
EducationEton. Trinity College, Cambridge.
Note 1Apparently the second son. Seven of his children were alive in 1870. Mary Ann Chadwell’s 1868 diary reports: ‘On Friday 24th April I went to the House of Commons to hear Mr Monk speak on the affairs of Crete’.
Note 2The 1881 Census suggests that they had nine staff living in at their Buckingham Gate house. He proposed a Banns of Marriage Bill in Parliament in 1867.
FatherRight Rev’d James Henry Monk Bishop of Gloucester & Bristol (?-?)
MotherJane Smart Hughes (~1791-1878)
Marriage25 Aug 1853, London, England
SpouseJulia (Pandia) Ralli, GGG Granddaughter
Birth24 Jun 1832, London, England
Death26 Dec 1870, London, England
MemoIn childbirth.
Burial31 Dec 1870, Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England
MemoAccording to the diaries of Mary Ann Chadwell.
Baptism9 Aug 1832, Russian Chapel, 32 Welbeck Street London, England
MemoBaptised by Yacob V. Smirnov, Russian chaplain.
Residence1868, 2 Buckingham Gate, London, England
MemoAccording to Mary Ann Chadwell’s 1868 diary.
Note 1(Chaviara-Axeskoufotos) Recorded as being ‘accomplished and virtually anglicised’! A portrait of her exists. Frequently cited in the diaries of Mary Ann Chadwell who had almost certainly been Julia’s governess.
Note 2Mary Ann Chadwell (governess) frequently records Julia’s “cough very bad” from at least 1862. On 17 Aug 1866 Julia showed Mary Ann Chadwell, her former governess, portaits of her children painted by Eddis.
Note 3Died giving birth to her son Edward who died the following day.
God-parentsEustratios Stephanos Ralli.
Flags***, Argenti, Cantacuzene, Coressi, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Grimaldi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Ralli (Chaviara), Ralli (Pitsis), Rodocanachi, Scaramanga, Sechiari, Vlasto
1 FMarietta (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth31 Jan 1855
Death23 Sep 1878
Memo24 Oct 1878 according to Monk family archives.
2 FAlice (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth16 Feb 1856, Paddington, London, England
Death1 Jan 1886, Cadogan Terrace, Chelsea, London, England
SpouseCharles (---) Dimsdale (?-?)
Marriage20 Nov 1882, St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, London, England
3 FConstance (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth16 Sep 1857
Death19 Nov 1939
SpouseEugene A. Sandford [or Sanford?] (?-?)
Marriage20 Nov 1882, St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, London, England
4 FEmily (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth14 Feb 1859
Death26 Jul 1859
5 FJulia (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth8 Jul 1860, Paddington, London, England
Death9 Feb 1951
MemoAccording to Monk family records
6 FFlorence (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth21 Apr 1862, Connaught Place, Westminster, London, England
Death30 Oct 1937
SpouseSir Herbert William Wrangham Wilberforce (1864-1941)
Marriage5 Nov 1892
ChildrenIrene Florence (Herbert) (~1900-1987)
 Judith Monica (Herbert) (?-?)
7 FAda (Charles) Monk, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth10 Mar 1864, Torquay, Devon, England
Death12 Jan 1922
8 MJames ‘Henry’ (Charles) Monk, GGGG Grandson
Birth4 Aug 1865
MemoAccording to Mary Ann Chadwells’s journal.
Death8 Nov 1940, London, England
SpouseAlice Blois (?-1940)
Marriage27 Jul 1929
9 MCharles (Charles) Monk, GGGG Grandson
Birth15 Aug 1867, London, England
MemoAccording to Mary Ann Chadwell.
Death15 Aug 1867, London, England
10 MEdward (Charles) Monk, GGGG Grandson
Birth26 Dec 1870, London, England
MemoHis birth and death according to the diaries of Mary Ann Chadwell.
Death28 Dec 1870, London, England
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