(1) 1 William l, Source
Birth 1027, Falaise, Normandy, France
Death 9 Sep 1087, Rouen, Normandy, France
Death Memo Convent of St Gervais
Burial Caen, Normandy, France
Burial Memo St Stsephen's
Occ Duke of Normandy from aged 7. King of England (from 1066).
Father Robert ll of Normandy, Father (~1010-1035)
Mother Arlette, Mother

Notes: aka the Bastard and then the Conqueror.
Spouse Matilda of Flanders
Birth ?
Death ?

Notes: Daughter of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders. Cousin of her husband William.
Marr 1050
Marr Memo or 1053
Children Robert lll (?-1134)
William ll (~1056-1100)
Henry l (1069-1135)
Adela (William)

(2) 1.1 Robert lll of Normandy , Son
Birth ?
Death 1134, Cardiff, Wales
Occ Duke of Normandy 1087-1106

Notes: Eldest son. Lost Normandy to brother Henry I at battle of Tinchebray 1106, then imprisoned at Cardiff. 'Shortshanks'.
Children William (Robert) (?-1128)

(3) 1.1.1 William (Robert) Cliton , Grandson
Birth ?
Death 1128

Notes: Failed pretender to the Anglo-Norman inheritance.

(2) 1.2 William ll , Son
Birth abt 1056
Death 2 Aug 1100, New Forest, Hampshire, England
Burial Winchester, Hampshire, England
Occ King of England from 1087
Cause Killed by an arrow while hunting (accident or murder?).

Notes: aka Rufus. Unmarried. Second surviving son (third born). Site of his death marked by the Rufus stone.
No Children

(2) 1.3a Henry l* , Son
Birth 1069, England
Birth Memo Or 1068. Probably at Selby
Death 1135
Occ King of England from 1100. Duke of Normandy from 1106.

Notes: aka Beauclerc. King of England after death of his brother William Rufus. Took Duchy of Normandy from his other brother, Robert, following the battle of Tinchebray (28 Sep 1106). Youngest son.
Spouse Adela of Louvain
Birth ?
Marr Memo Henry's second marriage.

Other spouses: Matilda of Scotland

(2) 1.3b Henry l* (See above)
Spouse Matilda of Scotland, 2C2R*
Birth ?
Death ?
Father Malcolm lll
Mother Margaret, 2C1R*
Marr abt 1100
Children William (?-1120)
Matilda (Henry) (?-1151)

Other spouses: Adela of Louvain

(3) 1.3b.1 William Adelin , Grandson
Birth ?
Death 1120
Cause Drowned.

Notes: Drowned with brother and much of the cream of Norman society when "White Ship" sunk in the English channel.

(3) 1.3b.2 Matilda (Henry) , Granddaughter
Birth ?
Death 1151

Notes: First married to Henry V, emperor of Germany (m. 1114): widow at the time of her marriage to Geoffrey. Chosen by her father to inherit English throne.
Spouse Geoffrey Plantagenet
Birth ?
Death 1151

Notes: aka Le Bel, aka Plantagenet. Duke of Anjou 1131 and crowned Duke of Normandy 1144
Marr aft 1114
Children Henry ll (1133-1189)

(4) 1.3b.2.1 Henry ll Plantagenet , G Grandson
Birth 5 Mar 1133, Le Mans, France
Death 1189
Burial Fontevrault
Occ King of England from 1154. Duke of Normandy from paternal inheritance, and of Maine and of la Touraine.

Notes: aka Angevin.
Spouse Eleanor of Aquitaine
Birth ?
Death ?

Notes: Duchess of Aquitaine. Countess of Poitou. Married to Louis ll before her marriage to Henry II.
Marr 1152
Marr Memo 5 sons and 3 daughters
Children Geoffrey (Henry) (?-1185)
Henry (Henry) (1155-1183)
Richard l (1157-1199)
John (1167-1216)

(5) 1.3b.2.1.1 Geoffrey (Henry) Plantagenet , GG Grandson
Birth ?
Death 1185, Paris, France
Cause Killed in tournament

Notes: Should have inherited Brittany through his marriage with Constance.
Spouse Constance (Conan) de Bretagne
Birth ?
Father Conan de Bretagne

Notes: Duchess of Brittany. Widow of Geoffrey at the time of her marriage to Ranulphe.
Marr ?
Marr Memo Constance's 1st marriage: widowed on Geoffrey's death.
Children Arthur (Geoffrey) (1187-1203)

(6) 1.3b. Arthur (Geoffrey) , GGG Grandson
Birth 1187
Death 3 Apr 1203, Rouen, Normandy, France
Cause Murdered

Notes: Post-humous son of Geoffrey. Rightful heir to English throne, but usurped by his uncle John.

(5) 1.3b.2.1.2 Henry (Henry) Plantagenet , GG Grandson
Birth 1155
Death 1183
Cause War (rebellion against his father)

Notes: aka the Young. Chosen as king by his father 1170, should have inherited from him but died 1183.

(5) 1.3b.2.1.3 Richard l Plantagenet , GG Grandson
Birth 1157, Oxford, England
Death 1199, Limousin, France
Burial Fontevrault, France
Occ Duke of Normandy, then king of England (from 1189)
Cause War (seige of Limousin)

Notes: 'the Lionheart'. Crusader.
Spouse Berengaria of Navarre
Marr abt 1191, Cyprus
No Children

(5) 1.3b.2.1.4a John Plantagenet* , GG Grandson
Birth 24 Dec 1167, Oxford, England
Death 19 Oct 1216, Newark
Burial Worcester, England
Occ King from 1199. 'King John was not a good man'...

Notes: aka The Landless. Fourth son. Signed Magna Carta June 1215.
Spouse Isabel of Gloucester

Notes: Or 'Hawisa'.
Div 1200
No Children

Other spouses: Isabella of Angouleme

(5) 1.3b.2.1.4b John Plantagenet* (See above)
Spouse Isabella of Angouleme
Birth ?
Death ?

Notes: Two sons, three daughters.
Marr 1200
Children Henry lll (1207-1272)

Other spouses: Isabel of Gloucester


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