NameDimtrios SPARTALI
Death1855, Goricia, Italy/Slovenia
OccupationMerchant of Smyrna, established in London c.1828. Retired from Spartali & Co. in Jan 1855.
OriginSmyrna. Probably the Dimitrios Spartali of Smyrna who took British citizenship on 2 Jul 1847.
Note 1May be buried in Trieste. Church warden of the Greek Chapel, London, in 1839. Did he have a daughter Isabella, recorded by Denis Ionides?
Marriageabt 1810
SpouseChristina (Ioannes) Mavrogordato, 6G Granddaughter
Birth1787, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoDenis Ionides says 1796
Death14 Mar 1874
Note 1May be buried in Trieste. May be the sister of Sophia Mavrogordato of Smyrna and wife of Panagis Calliga and mother of Pavlos Calliga.
Birth1818, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Birth MemoAnother source says 1819.
Death12 Jan 1914, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England
Marriage1842, Trieste, Italy/Austria
Married MemoOr Genoa?
ChildrenDimitrios (Michael) (1851-1894)
 Marie (Michael) (1844-1927)
 Christina (Michael) (1846-1884)
Birth1814, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Death9 Dec 1831, London, England
Death8 Sep 1898, West Derby, Derbyshire, England
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