NameMichael (Dimitrios) Spartali, 7G Grandson
Birth1818, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Birth MemoAnother source says 1819.
Death12 Jan 1914, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England
OccupationMerchant in London. Partner in Spartali & Lascaridi of London.
OriginSmyrna. Appears to have taken British citizenship before 1901.
Note 1Consul-general of Greece (1867-81) and a steadfast supporter from abroad of the Cretan uprising in 1866.
Note 2A Michael Spartali of The Shrubbery, Clapham Common, Surrey and at Rylstons, Isle of Wight, appears in the bankruptcy records for 1885 while trading in London and Marseilles with Peter Lascaridi as Spartali & Co., Merchants.
Note 3Spartali & Lascaridi (of London, Liverpool and Marseilles in 1854) was located at 38 or 39 Finsbury Circus in 1839, represented in Manchester by Antonio Lascaridi; dissolved in December 1854 and replaced by Spartali & Company (cf. Catsiyannis, p. 438).
Note 4G. Lascaridi (see that family), a native of Prusa, was Michael Spartali’s business partner and his secretary as Consul (cf. Tricha). They were also probably related (cf. excerpt from Marie Spartali letter given to G. Vassiadis by D. Elliott).
FatherDimtrios SPARTALI (1786-1855)
Marriage1842, Trieste, Italy/Austria
Married MemoOr Genoa?
SpouseEuphrosyne (P.) Varsamis
Birth1825, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoAccording to 1901 British Census she was born 1836!
Death11 Sep 1913, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England
OriginTook British nationality before 1901.
Note 1Argenti calls her Balsami. Or Varsavie or Valsamis. Left an estate of £493.00.
FatherP. Varsamis (?-?)
Birth23 Apr 1851, London, England
Birth MemoArgenti says 23 Apr 1853.
Death3 Apr 1894, London, England
Death MemoArgenti says 3 Apr 1893.
SpouseVirginia (Antonios) Ralli , 9G Granddaughter
Marriage22 Apr 1879, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
Married MemoLast marriage at that church.
 Cyril (Dimitrios) (1888-1915)
 Irene (Dimitrios) (1888-1910)
2 FMarie (Michael) Spartali, 8G Granddaughter
Birth10 Mar 1844, Hornsey, Middx, England
Birth MemoHornsey according to Martin Hopkinson (1901 Census). Edmonton, Middx., according to Vassiadis.
Death6 Mar 1927, London, England
Death MemoCremated at Brookwood.
Marriage10 Apr 1871, Register Office, Chelsea, London, England
3 FChristina (Michael) Spartali, 8G Granddaughter
Birth19 May 1846, London, England
Death27 Sep 1884, Tyrol, Austria
Death MemoOr Germany? May have committed suicide.
Marriageabt 1869
ChildrenRodolphe (Edouard) (~1870-1955)
 Ugo (Edouard) (~1872-1956)
Birth30 Apr 1854, London, England
Death4 Apr 1933, 49 Claverton Street, Pimlico, London, England
Marriageabt 1878
No Children
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