NameGeneral Prince Dimitri (Constantine) Soutzo, 8G Grandson
Birth8 Apr 1871, Bucharest, Romania
Birth MemoArgenti says 1870 Jassy.
DeathDec 1943, Bucharest, Romania
Note 1Or Soutzos. Romanian military attaché in Paris. Married a third time.
MotherNathalie (Petros) Mavroyeni (1848-1904)
Other spousesClara Holmes
Marriage4 Jun 1903, Bucharest, Romania
Married MemoArgenti says 5 Jun 1903.
SpouseHélène (Nicolas) Chrissoveloni
Birth5 Feb 1885, Galatz/Galati, Romania
Birth MemoArgenti says 1879, Galatz.
Death27 Feb 1975, Paris, France
Note 1Princess Soutzo. Star of the Belle Epoque. Close friend (and frequent correspondent) of Marcel Proust: Introduced to Paul Morand by Prince Bibescu. She acted as hostess in Paris (at Avenue Charles Floquet on the Champs de Mars) for the Queen of Romania.
Note 2“... Helen divorced her first husband, Prince Demetre Soutzo in 1923: they had a daughter who died in 1930 aged 28. Helen married in 1927 Paul Morand, whom she had met when her first husband had been the Romanian military attaché in Paris...”
Note 3“... Helen moved in the same circle in Paris as Princess Bibesco and argued that it was her brother Jean rather than Prince George Bibesco, who had been responsible for the destruction of the oil wells at Ploiesti...”
Note 4“... Helen received a vast dowry from the fortune made by her father in Romania and became a star of the Paris salons at the end of the Belle Epoque...”
Note 5“... She exchanged copious correspondence with Proust who said of her: “Elle ressemblait à Minerve... ses grâces m’avaient enchanté et je ne bougeais que pour aller chez elle...” [Marcel Proust, ‘Lettres Retrouvées’, Philippe Kolb, Paris 1966].
Note 5“... Yvonne Sugdury says she was very beautiful, petite, with a celebrated Greek nose (“though personally this sort of nose doesn’t enthuse me”!).
Note 5“... Yvonne Sugdury adds: “I was a little girl when we went to lunch with them at their huge house in Avenue Charles Floquet on the Champs de Mars; I felt lost. Papillon was a grown-up girl to me and I was too little to be of interest to her.”
FatherNicolas (Zanni) Chrissoveloni (1838-1913)
MotherCalliroi (Dimitrios) Economo (1857-1949)
Other spousesPaul Morand
Birth10 Feb 1905, Bucharest, Romania
Death7 Apr 1932, Paris, France
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