NameConstantine Ioannes ‘Ipliktzis’ (Ioannes) Ionides
Birth17 Mar 1775, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoOr 12 Mar 1775.
Death12 Nov 1852, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Death MemoOr 13 Nov 1852.
BurialFirst Cemetery, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Residence1844, Neochori, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Residence1827, Office: 14 Token House Yard, City of London, England
Residence1830, Office: 9 Finsbury Circus, City of London, England
OccupationMerchant. Banker in London.
Note 1One of the first Greek merchants to arrive in England. Known as ‘Ipliktzis’ (trader in yarns and fibres). Great benefactor of the Greek community of Constantinople and of the Greek state. Arrived in England either 1815 or 1827.
Note 2He traded with Theodore Strati Ralli and his brother-in-law Nicholas Thomas importing textiles to Turkey from England before 1820. Business collapsed during the 1821 Greek war. First used the Ionides name in England ca. 1839. Retired to Athens ca. 1842.
Note 3Lived by a motto from his father’s Will: ‘Never spend more than a third of your income, give away a third in charity, and save a third’.
Note 4His portrait by G. F. Watts hangs in the Victoria & Albert Museum while another portrait hangs in the Library of the First Grammar School in Piraeus. Catsiyannis says his first child John died in infancy.
Marriage1801, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
SpouseMariora (Ioannes) Sentoukakis
Birth1784, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSturdza says Moldavia.
Death1 Mar 1857, Page Green, Tottenham, Middx, England
Death MemoOr 13 Mar 1857.
BurialFirst Cemetery, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Or Sendoukaki or Sandoulakis. Painted twice by G. F. Watts, once by Cousens and once by an unknown artist. In 2004 Sturdza believed that she was Marioarei Sandulachi Stavar of Moldavia...
FatherIoannes Sentoukakis (~1750-?)
MotherEvanthia [Sentoukakis] ?
Birth1 Jul 1803, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death2 Jan 1844, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
MarriageJan 1822, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenMariora (Ioannes) (1824-1854)
 Penelope (Ioannes) (1828-1839)
 Thalia (Ioannes) (1831-1884)
Birth5 Feb 1806, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death1808, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth24 Jan 1808, Phanar, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death16 Mar 1899, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage1825, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
ChildrenConstantine (Athanasios) (1826-1892)
 George (Athanasios) (1828-1865)
 John (Athanasios) (1830-1914)
 Alexander (Athanasios) (1832-<1849)
 Athena (Athanasios) (1835-1907)
Birth20 Aug 1810, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoArgenti says 1 Sep 1810 in Corinth.
Death10 Nov 1890, Hastings, Sussex, England
Death MemoVassiadis says Hastings, Sussex.
Marriage24 Jul 1832, London, England
Married MemoOr 5 Aug 1832. Or in Constantinople.
 Aglaïa (Alexander) (1834-1906)
Birth28 Jan 1812, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death8 Feb 1887, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
MarriagePhanar, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth11 Feb 1814, Phanar, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoOr 1 Feb 1811, Phanar.
Death26 Sep 1860, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Death MemoOr 1866
Marriage23 Aug 1831
Married MemoVassiadis (quoting Sturdza?) though 1840 Constantinople.
 Elena (Ioannes) (1833-1871)
 Aglae (Ioannes) (1838-1902)
Birth24 Aug 1815, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSturdza says Smyrna.
Death1873, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage1835, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
ChildrenAspasia (Nikolaos) (1836-1905)
 Coralia (Nikolaos) (1842-1933)
 Maria (Nikolaos) (1848-1939)
Birth9 Aug 1817, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death10 Sep 1888, Barnes, Surrey, England
Marriage27 Sep 1843, Constantinople
Married MemoBut his sister married in London the following day...
 Sophia (Eustratius) (1853-1905)
Birth26 Nov 1819, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death8 Mar 1845, Manchester, England
Birth26 Jul 1822, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death24 Mar 1896, Hastings, Sussex, England
Marriage7 Feb 1842, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
 John (Dimitrius) (1848-1858)
 Alexander (Dimitrius) (1854-1923)
Birth6 Dec 1826, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoOr 18 Dec.
Death16 Feb 1862, London, England
Death MemoOr 15 Feb.
Marriage28 Sep 1843, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenPeter Timothy (George) (1851-)
 Helen (George) (1847-?)
 Rallou (George) (1849-?)
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