NamePrince Scarlatos ‘Charles’ (Alexander) Callimachi of Moldavia +, G Grandson
Birth MemoSturdza says he died aged 48.
Death12 Dec 1821, Bolou, Claudiopolis de Paphlagonie, ?
Death MemoOr 16 Oct 1821 or 26 Oct 1821. Claudiopolis of Paphlagonia. Died poisoned in 1821, under suspicion of being pro Greek.
Note 1Ruling Prince of Moldavia (1806, 1812-19). Grand Drogoman of the Sublime Porte (1801-06). Hospidar of Wallachia 12 Mar 1821 but under house arrest by 28 May 1821 and poisoned on the orders of the Sultan during the Greek War of Independence.
Note 2Prince of Moldavia between August 24 1806 - October 26 1806, August 4 1807 - June 13 1810, September 17 1812 - June 1819 and of Prince of Wallachia between February 1821 - June 1821.
Note 3In 1810, during the Russo-Turkish war, he was imprisoned by the Russians, and taken to Kharkiv. He regained the Moldovan throne in 1812.
Note 4Instigated new laws, cut taxes for the boyars, acted against the plague, introduced potatoes, maintained upkeep of wood paved streets, supported Gheorghe Asachi's Romanian-language movement.
Note 5Taken to Constantinopole 1819 to be executed for collaborating with Russia, had the sentence cancelled and in 1821 appointed Hospodar of Wallachia.
SpousePrincess Smaragda (Nicolas) Mavroyeni
Death27 Mar 1837, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Death MemoSturdza says 27 Mar 1842 in Jassy.
BurialGolia Monastery, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Burial Memo“Euphrosyne Negri has a grave at the Golia Monastery in Iasi. She is accompanied by her sister, Smaragda Mavrogheni (married Callimachi) and probably by her daughter Maria Negri.”
Note 1‘Reigning princess’.
FatherPrince Nicolas (Petros) Mavroyeni of Moldavia & Wallachia + (1738-1790)
MotherDomna Maria ‘Mariora’ (Gregory) Scanavi (?-1829)
ChildrenAlexander (---) (?-?)
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